College Football Week 1: The Fall of Oxford


While sometimes the Arkansas Razorback fanbase can be an odd bunch, one that could be accused of being loud, irrational, impatient, unrealistic, unreasonable, even bloodthirsty…

…they are not always incorrect.

Houston Nutt: ("unintelligible grunt")

In a display of what can only be described as “Supreme Cosmic Justice,” Houston Nutt’s Ol’ Miss Rebels fell to the Jacksonville State Fighting Gamecocks on Saturday. By the way, dibbs on “Supreme Cosmic Justice” as the name of my metal band.  Don’t worry… We’ll do old stuff AND new stuff.  But I digress…

If your reaction when I told you the name of the team was “who?” you are correct. Jacksonville State University is a member of the Ohio Valley conference in Division I FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) in football, formerly I-AA, of the NCAA.  In other words, a team in the Southeastern Conference, widely regarded as the toughest, most prestigious, and mightiest football conference, should have mopped the floor with these Gamecocks.  However, the football gods saw it fit to teach dear Houston the error of his ways.  But I feel like that this turn of events was not only brought upon by his transgressions as the head football coach at Arkansas, no ma’am.  Nutt stuck his neck out to the NCAA in defense of a player with a, let’s say, less than stellar behavioral background, named Jeremiah Masoli.

Masoli was kicked off the Pac 10’s Oregon Ducks for numerous bouts with the law, such as traffic citations, drug possession, and theft.  Even after the NCAA denied his initial transfer request to Ol’ Miss, Nutt pleaded the case of the once heisman trophy hopeful.  His speech was no doubt “emotionally charged,” whilst speaking of various intangibles such as “heart,” “desire” and the “will to win.”

(brief aside)

Isn’t it peculiar that these are the same adjectives used to describe former Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow?  Only in this case, they are being used to cover up off the field inadequacies, as opposed to athletic ability.  (Translation: Tim Tebow is an overrated bitch.)

(end of aside)

Long story short, the NCAA overturned their decision, Masoli was allowed to play, and they still lost to a grossly inferior opponent.

Supreme Cosmic Justice.

Cue the fight song!

WARNING: The blog is gonna be a tad football heavy for the next little bit (cough…February…cough) so if you enjoy that particular sport, strap in/on! Hell, you might even get a cheap laugh or two out of it.

Till we meet again,


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One Response to College Football Week 1: The Fall of Oxford

  1. Cory Ellis says:

    and Jack Crowe, the head coach of Jacksonville State, is a previous Arkansas football coach who got fired after a couple of seasons.

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